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Welcome to, the site that brings you the best online lottery games, tickets and free cash offers from various online lotteries.

Lottery games have been the peoples favorite for a long time and for a good reason, who hasn't dreamed about winning that one huge jackpot and changing their life for good. Now there's also a new breed of lotteries, the online lotteries with instant play games and lottery scratch tickets where one can also win up to millions with one scratch or spin. These lotteries are the kind of lotteries we are going to feature on this website, also included are links to the more traditional lotteries if you happen to fancy them,
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At you can find over 60 games ranging from scratch cards and slots to video poker and instant win games featuring sports, fantasy and other great themes. The top game however is the 3WOW scratch card with a million pound jackpot!

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2. brings you the best selection of no download slots, lottery games and scratch cards with huge jackpots and high payouts. To us the top game is Macau Nights slot machine where player can win up to 1.000.000 pounds with one spin of £3! If you open account now you will also receive £5 free cash and the first deposit will be doubled up to £200.

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3. National LotteryUK National Lottery

Key Facts About The National Lottery & Spending For Good Causes

• National Lottery players have helped to raise more than £25 billion for Good Causes to date
• More than 330,000 individual awards have been made across the UK in the biggest programme of civic regeneration since the 19th Century – that is an average of 113 lottery grants for every single postcode district
• At around 40% of total National Lottery revenue (around 28% to the Good Causes and 12% paid to the Government in Lottery Duty), the UK National Lottery returns a higher proportion of revenue to society than any other major lottery in the world both in actual and percentage terms
• On average, each week around £25 million is generated for Good Causes.
Winners and Prizes
• Over £37 billion has been paid out in prizes since launch
• On average, more than 4 million people win prizes every week on The National Lottery’s range of draw-based games and Scratchcards
• Over 2,400 millionaires or multi-millionaires have been created since launch
• One in one in 7,366 of the UK’s player population has now won a share of a National Lottery jackpot1.
• Since their win, 98% of lottery winners report that they are as happy or happier 2
• 97% of jackpot winners give money to family while 69% give to friends and 77% of winners also share their wealth with charity2
• 14% of winners have created between one and three other millionaires since their win2
• One in four National Lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate

Click here to visit national lottery (Available for UK citizens only)

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